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Jo’s USP is her HR market knowledge and extensive network which allows a hiring manager to tap into exceptional candidates, many of whom have been referred and recommended by others and who therefore may not be active in the open market. Jo also provides a ‘talent spotting’ service whereby she proactively introduces candidates offering an opportunity to acquire key talent ahead of the competition.

To candidates, she is able to recommend relevant organisations which offer both the cultural fit and career opportunities that meet their aspirations and expectations.

Jo is also able to provide a confidential service with regard to salary benchmarking, CV presentation and interview advice & techniques.



Many of Jo’s hiring assignments come from her previous candidates who have enjoyed their experience and want her to recruit in the same manner for their own organisation.

Whether it is a contingent or search assignment, Jo will be offering support at every stage of the process to facilitate and manage a successful outcome for all parties.

As a candidate - changing jobs is a huge consideration and undertaking, so she will take the time to understand what is important and why. The result being that she will be able to present potential roles that match this key criteria.


At the heart of Jo’s business is a recruitment service which is personal, professional and delivers results.

Whenever Jo is working on an assignment, she operates in a timely and effective manner to meet and manage everyone’s expectations.

This means ongoing communication with hiring managers and candidates alike in terms of the process, timeframes and expected outcomes at each stage.

Jo has taken ‘best practice’ from her previous corporate career and developed this to form her own framework. This reflects her standards and values which align to the companies and candidates she represents.

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